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Representation at Civil Courts

We are able to represent our clients in all types of proceedings at civil courts. During the hearing and proceedings we consistently pay careful attention to the rights required to achieve success in the dispute. We often represent our clients in these disputes:

  • payment of a financial receivable or release of a thing;
  • disputes arising between businessmen in the course of their business activities;
  • labour disputes arising from work relationships, especially with respect to the termination of work relationships;
  • disputes relating to compensation for property damage , extradiction of enrichment;
  • disputes relating to compensation for damage to health;
  • disputes in which a claim for violation or threat to personal rights is applied;
  • family disputes, e.g. divorce proceedings, paternity claims, alimony proceedings, property settlements;
  • administration judiciary – especially, these are disputes on reviews of decisions issued by administrative authorities, such as tax offices, labour offices, building authorities, real estate cadastre, etc.

A thorough analysis of our client’s legal situation is always carried out before accepting the representation in the contemplated litigation, or in its course. The result is a detailed analysis of considered chances in the given litigation, identification of weak points of the claim or defence of our client and corresponding proposal in respect of the most effective next steps and way forward. Due to our profound knowledge of existing case law, as well as the professional literature our clients are informed beforehand about the prospects in their litigation, and especially, about substantial factual or legal issues. The thorough analysis makes it possible to be several steps ahead of the counterparty, and thus win an advantage during the litigation.

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