Arzinger & Partners

Sale and Purchase of Real Estates

We deliver complete legal services related to the purchase and sale of real estates beginning from the initial consultation to a search in the land register, preparation of documentation and representation at the Land Registry Office. We deliver services to:

  • sellers or buyers (both legal and natural persons)
  • real estate agencies
  • developers
  • housing collectives
  • builders

We are ready to prepare all documents related to real estate transfers, always trying to suit the specific requirements. In particular, the documents we prepare include:

  • reservation agreements
  • agreements on future contracts
  • purchase agreements or other agreements on transfers of real estate (e.g. donation agreements, agreements on settlement of collective goods of spouses and on settlement of shared ownership)
  • entry of ownership rights in the Land Registry Office

Within the scope of transfers of real estate we are also ready to deliver the following services:

  • verification of the legal status of the real estate, including checking on its history of ownership transfers (e.g. a declaration of the building´s owner);
  • deposit of the purchase price and its pay-out in accordance with legal safety storage agreement (which we shall also draft;);
  • verification of pawn agreements and bank credit agreements in cases where the purchase is to be financed through a mortgage;
  • drafting an agreement on easements.
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