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Establishing and Terminating Employment

We are aware of the importance and responsibility when delivering services related to Labour Law. Therefore, we always consult with our clients as to their specific needs. Based on that we suggest the optimal, efficient and fast solution procedure. Besides consultations and legal analyses, we also deliver:

  • work agreement drafts;
  • drafting work agreement on work carried out in other than the full-time job, e.g. agreement to perform work, agreement on delivery of services;
  • drafting non-competition clauses;
  • drafting agreements on material responsibility;
  • assistance in collective negotiations, preparations and revisions of collective agreements;
  • preparation and revisions of contracts for managers;
  • legal counselling and creation of documentation regarding the protection of know-how, clientele and the employer´s business secrets.

In our practice we often deal with issues regarding termination of employment. From the employer´s perspective, such moments usually have a significant impact on their operations. Viewed by the employee, they are a serious problem interfering with their personal life. Therefore, when dealing with terminations of work agreements, we pay careful attention to protection of the client´s interests and rights. In this respect, we deliver these services:

  • complex legal analysis of the client´s problem with proposing a practical solution, bearing in mind the possible consequences, e.g. severance pay issues, collective lay-offs, dealing with trade unions;
  • preparation of employment termination agreements, immediate termination or lay-off notice
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