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When defending our clients, we pay careful attention to the preparation of a strategy in accordance with the client´s interests, which we strive to protect as much as possible. We accentuate the individual approach with respect to the client´s needs. Using all legal means available for the client´s defence we work to ensure that the proceeding is just. In cooperation with the client we actively look for evidence in the defence support and when it is necessary we provide analyses by experts. Within scope of prosecution we deliver these services, in particular:

  • consultation during the first contact with criminal prosecution authorities, prior to filing defence;
  • preparation of written documentation required in criminal proceedings;
  • representation of the accused in the preparatory proceeding;
  • resolving problems related to detention (in case of detention we use all means available to cancel it);
  • defence of the accused in criminal proceedings at courts of all instances;
  • mediation and preparation of documents to achieve paroled suspense of prosecution and alternative methods of punishment;
  • drafting both regular and extraordinary corrective documents i.e extraordinary appeals, claims of violation of a law, application for the resuming of a proceeding, constitutional complaint.

In case the client is accused or even prosecuted in custody and is then found innocent, we are ready, should a mistake by the prosecuting authorities have been identified, to demand compensation for damage and satisfaction for the time spent in detention and under unlawful criminal prosecution.

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