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Bidding Procedures – EU Funds Subsidies

We deliver services with respect to projects applying for subsidies provided from the EU Structural and Cohesion Funds. These bidding procedures are subject to regulations laid down in the applicable methodologies. At the same time, the public sector commissioners and, as from April 1, 2012, also a number of corporate entities (who, following the updated Act on Public Bids, are regarded as subsidised commissioners), must comply with all provisions of the Act. This brings about a lot more paperwork for the commissioners. In cases where the process is deemed non-compliant, the bidding procedure can take very long, especially should the case be dealt with by the Economic Competition Protection Bureau. Ultimately, the bidder´s application for subsidy allocation can be suspended or rejected.

With our vast experience with running the bidding procedures referred to above, our law firm is usually authorised to execute all the commissioning obligations. We are responsible for:

  • preparation of all legal documents required by the bidding procedure;
  • proper and timely public notification of the bidding procedure and the relevant information;
  • compliance with all information obligations with respect to applicants, the controlling body of the subsidy programme, and other entities;
  • compliance with all deadlines;
  • correctness of protocols, decisions and other related documents resulting from the bidding procedure;
  • compliance with all criteria required by the Act on Public Bids and the methodology of the operational programme;
  • preparation of the contractual documentation required for the victorious bidder.

In case of objections or revision complaints submitted to the CPO, we provide the applicable written documentation and, in particular, the resolution regarding the complaints and comments to the CPO.

With our experience and knowledge of the CPO decision making practice we are able to ensure smooth course of the bidding procedure in compliance with the agreed deadlines.

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