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Bidding Paperwork Preparation and Bidding Procedure Organization

Our law firm has got rich experience with the bidding procedure processes carried out in accordance with the Act on Public Bids. We also intensively engage in organizing those bidding procedures that are funded from subsidies provided by European development funds. We are aware of the specific features even within the scope of particular subsidy programmes. We are able to apply the procedures properly. Like this, the applicable project can be submitted to and promptly processed by the Office for the Protection of Competition (CPO), and ultimately executed without the risk of protraction.

Taking steps in accordance with legal regulations and in particular with the decision-making practice of the Office for the Protection of Competition is a crucial point. Therefore, it is an inseparable part of our work. A solution based on the real needs of our clients is as important as the above. That is why our client´s needs are analysed in detail and results of the analysis are then used for preparation of the documentation. Our legal services also include assistance with identification of the target the client wishes to achieve in the bidding procedure. We achieve that target by suitably setting the formulation of the procedure´s rules. First of all, we pay careful attention to the description of selection criteria for the identification of the winner, all in accordance with the Act on Public Bids.

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