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Family Law

Our law firm delivers all services related to family law. For example, we represent our clients in cases of divorce, property settlement, determining alimony for minor children or even of alimony between spouses. In practice we, of course, deal with the issues related to minor children during and after divorce. As a part of our work in this area we also prepare the applicable agreements and advocate our clients´ interests in judicial proceedings.
Specifically, our services delivered include:

  • Legal counselling with respect to marriages, especially to property relations;
  • Preparation of prenuptial agreements;
  • Provisions for the size of collective assets;
  • Provisions for responsibility of parents for their children;
  • Divorces;
  • Issues of invalidity or non-existence of marriages;
  • Providing for upbringing and financial support of minor children with respect to a divorce;
  • Settling the collective assets of the spouses;
  • Resolution of alimony obligation issues;
  • Resolution of issues of paternity claims or denials;
  • Legal aid with adoptions.
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