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Liability for Defects and Compensation for Damage

We keep solving situations with defects in both regular goods purchased in stores and also defects in houses, or serious damage worth a lot of money. With our clients we often seek ways of demanding compensation from those liable for damage. In particular, we try to find a way how to make the responsible party repair the defect, offer a discount on the goods or work, and in cases of serious defects, even how to back out from the agreement.

Our clients often face the issue of health or property damage caused by a third party. We provide legal aid in protecting their rights against the third party and exercise their rights also at courts:

  • We provide legal assessment of how serious the defect or damage is and suggest ways of demanding compensation;
  • We exercise compensation for damage on property or other damage resulting from a failure to observe contractual or legal obligations;
  • We exercise the demands arising from liability for health damage. Here we deliver services in cases where the damage was caused by wrong medical treatment or malpractice in plastic surgery. We also deal with cases of health damage caused by wrong action of a third party in traffic accidents, criminal offences, etc.
  • We exercise rights for damage compensation caused by wrong actions of a state authority, incorrect verdict of a court or another public body;
  • We represent the harmed party when demanding compensation for damage caused by a criminal offence both in prosecution and civil proceedings;
  • We claim compensation for groundless enrichment by the other party following an invalid legal action.
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