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Consumer Protection

The legal support provided by our law firm is very often offered to protect the rights of the “weaker” parties in legal relationships. If you, as customers, engage in legal relationship with professional businesses, both in very common cases such as buying goods in a store, having your clothes washed in a laundry, etc., and the business does not perform as you wished it would, you can demand your rights through instruments which are made available to you by consumer law. Our office delivers services that will help you choose the most efficient way possible in promoting your rights:

  • We counsel in cases of liability for defects;
  • We prepare all documentation and take the steps required for the performance of liability for defects;
  • Should you wish so, we will file the petitions or complaints in the consumer rights protection process;
  • We represent the consumers and citizens in order to uphold their rights at the relevant courts and legal proceedings.
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