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Civil Contracts

In legal relations provided for by the Civil Code, i.e. typically in cases where one of the parties is in the role of a citizen (natural person), our law firm provides services related to contractual provisions of the civil contracts. Therefore, in cases like this the legal service rendered would most often include:

  • Drafting the wording of contracts in accordance with the specific needs of the clients;
  • Assessing the proposed contracts submitted by the other party including incorporation of changes in compliance with the client´s requirements;
  • Negotiating or rendering a legal support in bargaining about the wording of contracts with the other party; when providing legal services in cases where the other party is usually a businessman offering our clients some goods or services, we efficiently protect our client´s interests in order to compensate for their naturally weaker negotiation position and so that the contract being entered into could be an effective tool for the protection of the client´s rights;
  • We assess the possibility of terminating the civil contracts and we prepare documents supporting the termination;
  • We assess cases of breach of contracts, resolving liabilities incurred from the failure to observe the contractual provisions;
  • When representing our clients, we deal with the other party and discuss the consequences of liability for the damage incurred, with a view to enforcing the provision of compensation owed to our clients. In this case the professional attitude of our office serves to counterbalance the weaker negotiation position of the citizen, i.e. the consumer;
  • We provide legal aid when promoting claims from civil contracts, including dealing with the claims at courts or executive bodies.

When preparing civil contracts we always try to understand the client´s needs in order to compose a paper that will safeguard the client´s rights and just interests. We always treat the clients on an individual basis, both in cases of contracts provided for by civil standards, and in cases of particular agreements. Besides basic contract types, such as a contract for work, purchase agreements or loan agreements, we also deliver papers tailored exactly in accordance with the client´s needs. At all times, we do all that we can to suit the client´s requirements, protect their interests, provide security in performance of the contract and protection in cases of the contract´s breach.

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