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We are well aware that dealing in stocks is an important part of our clients´ business. In this area we provide complex legal services, including:

  • Consultation and preliminary assessment of the intended trade with stocks;
  • Writing and revising contracts on transfers, loaning, storage, management or administration of stocks, as well as commission contracts;
  • Support in the execution and exercise of rights related to stocks.

For our clients we also provide custody of stocks.

Our lawyers have got extensive experience with the Law of Exchange. In this area we provide the following services:

  • Preparation of bills of exchange;
  • We assess the possibilities of claimability of the bills;
  • We prepare blank bills and agreements on the Right of Bills of Exchange Completion;
  • We draft the proposal for payment order issue;
  • We prepare objections against the payment order;
  • We represent creditors and debtors at courts in the cases related to the observance of bills of exchange obligations.

Besides the activities above, we are ready to deliver services related to the change of the kind, form and type, and nominal value of the stocks, issues of stocks and bonds, including convertible and priority bonds and also services required when trading on a regularised market, e.g. when preparing prospects, trying to receive acceptance of stocks for trading on that market or removing stocks from regularised markets.

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