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Economic Competition Protection

We provide our clients with legal services in terms of protection from any unfair competition they could face from their competitors. Our client´s interests can be harmed, in particular, in the following instances:

  • Misleading advertisement, misleading labelling of goods and services,
  • Confusing,
  • Free-riding on the reputation of company, product or services of another competitor,
  • Bribery,
  • Trivializing,
  • Inadmissible comparing advertisement,
  • Violation of trade secrets,
  • Intrusive harassment or
  • Putting at risk the health of consumers or that of the environment. 

We have experience in resolving issues of abusive behaviour by a dominant market player and with representation in the proceedings at the Office for the Protection of Competition. We provide counsel with respect to the provision of support to the public, including the issues related to the aid´s approval, be it at the Office for the Protection of Competition or the European Commission.

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