Arzinger & Partners

Transformations of Commercial Companies

We provide complex legal services in transformations of commercial companies, especially in mergers, demergers, transfer of assets to a partner or changes in the legal form. In particular:

  • We process the client´s idea of transformation including the schedule, the execution of the transformation and the provision of legal support in negotiations concerning the proposed transformation;
  • We prepare a project of the desired transformation;
  • We procure drafting of the related documents such as closing financial statements or expert assessment of assets of the entities engaged;
  • We prepare all the necessary things for the approval of a company´s transformation at general assemblies or outside assemblies;
  • We write the transformation report;
  • We provide for the completion of all information obligations required by the Law with respect to the transformation;
  • We resolve relations issues resulting from the protection of creditors in the transformation process;
  • We counsel on issues of the statutory bodies´ members´ responsibilities with respect to the transformation.

In carrying out transformations we deliver other legal services related to the transformations, even to entities whose rights or interests can be affected by the completed transformation or by the transformation in progress.

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