Arzinger & Partners

Commercial Contracts

To support our clients in their business engagements, we provide applicable services with respect to commercial and legal contractual relations, in particular:

  • We choose the wording of the contracts according to the clients´ specific requirements;
  • We evaluate agreement drafts proposed by business partners of our clients, including their amendments according to the client´s requirements;
  • We negotiate or provide legal support during negotiations between our client and their business partners on the wording of the contract;
  • We assess the possibility of terminating a commercial contract and prepare the documentation to assist with the termination;
  • We analyse possible breach of contractual terms and resolve the responsibility relations resulting from such a breach;
  • We provide legal aid in enforcing the commercial contracts´ claims including their exercise at courts or executive authorities.

When preparing a commercial contract, we focus on understanding the business of our clients in order to tailor the contract completely in accordance with the client´s trade needs and ideas. We always treat our clients individually, both when preparing the agreements (that are in their nature provided for by legal standards), and when preparing unusual types of contractual documents.

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