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Commercial Companies Law

We help establish all commercial partnership companies that can engage in business activities in the territory of the Czech Republic, including cooperatives and organizational units. If given the power of attorney, we are able to render the complete process for our client, including the client´s representation

  • a notary when establishing a company;
  • trade licensing office or another applicable body when procuring a business permit;
  • creating a bank account or registering capital;
  • evaluation and entry of a non-financial contribution into the register capital of a company;
  • public register in the procedure of registering a company;
  • other bodies (as applicable) where the newly established company needs to be registered.

Following reception of the necessary documentation from the client we are able to carry out the whole process of establishing a regular commercial company within two weeks.

With respect to establishing a company we also provide specific agreements to be entered into between the founders and/or partners or shareholders that cannot be a part of a collective agreement or the company´s constitution.

In course of the companies´ existence, we provide all legal services applicable to the company operation, in particular:

  • Organizing regular and extraordinary general assemblies including representation of the partner/shareholder at the sessions;
  • Transfers of the shares and stocks;
  • Increase and decrease of the register capital;
  • Changes in the company´s bodies;
  • Changes in the collective agreements and company´s constitutions;
  • Relocation of the company´s office and/or headquarters;
  • Drafting company´s organizational regulations;
  • Counselling the statutory bodies´ members;
  • Minority shareholders squeeze-out;
  • Transformation of commercial companies;
  • Changes of the kind, form and type of stocks;
  • Resolving the issues of validity or non-validity of general assemblies´ decisions including representation in the relevant proceedings at courts.

We provide complete legal services for the dissolution and liquidation of a company and its removal from the public register, including drafting and filing the insolvency petition against the company´s assets. This includes delivery of:

  • Decision on dissolution of a company and its liquidation process start-up;
  • Appointment of the liquidator;
  • Entry of the liquidation launch in the public register;
  • Public announcement on the company´s liquidation process in the commercial newsletter;
  • Providing for closing of the accounts books of the company in liquidation;
  • Counselling with respect to the statutory bodies members´ responsibility with respect to the company´s commitments;
  • Dealing with the applicable institution in the issues related to the company´s liquidation, i.e. with the taxation administrator, the health insurance house, social security agency, banks, archives, possibly the distrainors;
  • Addressing the creditors´ claims and distribution of the liquidation remainder;
  • Company removal from the public register. 

According to our clients´ wishes we provide other services regarding commercial companies.

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