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Cooperation Methods in Providing Legal Services Abroad

Our clients having the need to be rendered legal services in another country can choose whether they would prefer either a direct relationship with a partner or cooperating office abroad, or to use the services of our legal firm located in Prague.

The first option has got its advantage: the client can communicate directly with our partner or cooperating law firm, whilst still enjoying the first class services compliant with international standards of the ARZINGER & PARTNERS international network. Of course, in the initial phase during establishing direct legal relationship, our office of Prague is fully available to provide all assistance needed.

The advantage of the second option above is that the client will remain in the existing legal relationship with our ARZINGER & PARTNEŘI Law Firm, with the legal service itself being rendered by our partner or co-operator firm abroad. Services provided in this way are fully controlled by the Czech regulations. In this kind of cooperation our clients can communicate in Czech and formulate their requirements in a way that is compliant with the legal customs and order of the Czech Republic and European Union. Like that, the clients will, in particular when taking the first steps on the foreign territory, be spared of possible misunderstandings incurred by differences in foreign legal systems or customs. This can happen especially in cases where the legal service is delivered in countries outside the European Union. Forwarding client´s requirements and the related information is an issue that is addressed by our legal offices, which allows for higher comfort when providing foreign legal services to our clients.

The two cooperation modes above can be either combined with respect to a specific case, or can be changed anytime during the process of rendering. Based on our experience, we know that a significant proportion of our clients first opted for being rendered foreign legal services by our office. However, once the clients got acquainted with the foreign environment, they usually establish a direct contact with our partnership or cooperating law firm in that country.

International Cooperation